"Aroma" tells the story of a Greek winemaking family struggling with tradition, modernity and the global economic crisis as they are trying to keep the dreams and aspirations of their family's legacy alive amidst a rapidly changing world.  



Its the sudden death of the family's legendary patriarch, a man who right after the war managed to turn a few hectares of vines into a prestigious winery, that forces the three estranged siblings to return to their place of birth and discover much to their surprise that the once buoyant business is on the verge of bankruptcy.


A long surviving feud and bad blood that goes all the way back to an 'enignatic' bequest tied to the estate has the two brothers and sister - a Hollywood movie composer living in Los Angeles, a dishonored Greek politician and a London based architect - fighting fiercely over the future and control of the famed property. 


Their stay at the family home surrounded by the seductive beauty of the vines, the bewitching aroma of wine and the fortitude of memories they thought long forgotten puts them on a magical journey to self-fulfilment, understanding and love as the ancient art of winemaking wins over their battered hearts and castaway souls.  

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