A relic of a sinister past unearthed, an ancient secret unlocked,  a long trail

of unspeakable terror all leading to a remote, medieval castle at the tip of the

Peloponnese peninsula. The seven college friends already pushed halfway into the

devouring throes of insanity journey to the dark hamlet where it all began ready to fight

one last, desperate battle for survival. As the winter's night descents and a  pregnant fog

invades from the foreboding deep the long banished Order of Eresis is summoned

back to cursed life...


A spine chilling, break-all-the-rules, horror/slasher film "Eresis" adopts a

no hostages approach in its relentless pursuit  to breath fresh life into the

genre and usher a new era in the immersing experience of raw, blood-curdling terror.

To be shot on location at the castle of Monemvasia, Greece.



"Death, my blood loving friend, I know you well

you live in-between the twilight reigns of heaven and hell

from the tangerine dawn of the thinning day to the echoing toll of the last bell

you dance wildly in the sinister shadows wherein we all dwell

and drink merrily-so merilly-from the crimson rivers we all bleed..." 

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