"The Gambit Pawn"

“Gambit Pawn: in chess, a pawn strategically sacrificed to set up a winning game.”



"The Gambit Pawn" is the story of childhood friends -attractive, glamorous and wealthy- all in their mid to late 20's coming together to mourn the untimely death of one of their own, a high-powered investment banker facing federal charges for running an insider trading ring.


During the overnight 'wake' at an exclusively reserved neo-tech Manhattan bar, long buried secrets and insidious agendas boil to the surface and throw the group into a maddening vortex. What began as an emotional reunion slowly deteriorates into a intense, drug induced sling match of accusations and recrimination. The over-privileged, unscrupulous prep school boys -all Wall Street 'darlings'- along with their dates plunge into a gory race for survival while an enigmatic presence appears to be the mastermind of the unfolding paranoid blitz.  


"The Gambit Pawn" is the "American Psycho" of our generation, a claustrophobic,  blood-soaked Jacobean tale of revenge, betrayal and punishment unraveling within the current climate of bank "bailouts", corruption, exorbitant privilege and immorality.

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