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“Echoes of the Past" is a historical drama which chronicles the infamous massacre of Kalavryta by Nazi troops on December 13th, 1943. The story is being told through flashbacks as Nikolaos Andreou, a writer dying of cancer, poignantly narrates his personal experience as a child to Ursula Krauss, a lawyer for the German Foreign Ministry. "Echoes of the Past” is a film about time and history, about how events shape the past, present and future and how, as Nikolaos argues, “the solitary history of each one of us is written by time on the torrential memories of feeble men and echoes in eternity long after we are all gone”.




"Infernal" is the story of a writer, a one hit wonder if the popular press is to be believed, seeking the refuge of seclusion in the hopes of overcoming his writing block.  Isolated in a remote cabin deep in the scenic mountain his mind begins to unravel as a slew of what could only be described as supernatural phenomena are unleashed upon his senses. Forced to question his very sanity and trapped by a snowstorm he is left with no other option but to face the persecuting demons head on and unearth a secret past he tried very hard to exorcize and forget.






"Klout" is an avant garde documentary, produced by TerraMagma Pictures in association with a top Beverly Hills production company. "Klout" attempts to take a look into the future and tackle issues bound to dictate the core of the human experience well into the 22nd Century.  A number of great thinkers from celebrated, best-selling authors, to Hollywood directors, academics, science and medical experts, historians and many others will share their unique insights for the au courant era that is coming while the author and adventurer Leon Logothetis will be undergoing a bold experiment in real time bound to change the way we all see this brave new world of technology.





"Uber Amazons", three gorgeous, sexy girls in their 20's exploring the Universe of super heroes through a very different and exciting perspective. 


Top Secret MCN Project. It was October 30th 1938 when Orson Welles broadcasted his "War of the Worlds" and sent the listening crowds into a swirl of panic. The message was later proved to be nothing more than a well calibrated joke, a mere hoax but the implications were clear. The open airwaves were a pathway to disseminating information, a way to get a warning out when all other mediums were destroyed or compromised. It was the birth of something unique and its legacy is not remotely over. It happened before and it will happen again but this time around will it be only an innocuous gammon or something far more urgent and life threatening?

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