"La Divina"

"La Divina" is the story of Maria Callas, one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th Century. Adapting an art-nouveau approach the film rejects the usual linear exposition so prevalent in mundane biographical dramas in an attempt to go beyond the high moments, scandals and titillation in search not only of the unique artist who her own colleagues hailed as having "a sense of rhythm within the rhythm"  but also the real person, the woman  who struggled intensely with loneliness, abandonment and ultimately with loss of confidence and despair.

From the exigencies of wartime poverty and a childhood she herself described as absent - "Children should have a wonderful childhood. I have not had it and I wish I had."-to her triumphant passage through La Scala all the way to the Met and the world, the film never neglects to adopt a critical look at the life behind the facade, deconstruct the shallow icon created by headlines and scandals to reveal something far more wonderful and enduring, the tale of a true rebel, larger than life, caustic, determined, dedicated, commanding, glamorous, insecure, traumatized, hurt, proud, egotistical and gifted. 


"La Divina" is a Homeric journey through the life of a unsurpassed artist, the woman who famously once quipped:  "It's a very terrible thing to be Maria Callas, because it's a question of trying to understand something you can never really understand."  

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