"Of Heroes & Villains"


Super Heroes are Made by the Paths they Choose 

Not the Powers they are Graced With.



Logline: After losing both parents in a horrible massacre perpetrated by the German army, a young boy - Kostas - and his little sister embark on a perilous journey to reach Athens; halfway through their adventure, they are joined by a teenage German deserter, whose artistry and imagination opens a pathway into the epic mythology of Golden Age comic books and catapults them deep inside the heart of a super heroes universe where the eternal battle of good vs. evil reigns supreme and legends live forever.


Short Synopsis: After losing their parents in the Kalavryta massacre two young orphans, Kostas eleven and Alexandra eight, are forced to embark on a journey fraught with danger as they try to reach Athens and find their last surviving relative. With a fearful and rattled Kostas compelled to take the lead as the oldest they make their way through a countryside brimming with death and destruction. During their breakneck odyssey they encounter a teenage German deserter Johann, a passionate lover of American comic books whose own coming-of-age journey began with the banning of comic books by the Nazi regime in the 1930's. Johann introduces both children to the mythology of super heroes and arch-villains and the three of them end up forming their own super hero alliance. Close on their trail as they make their way to Athens is Commandant Ahmann, a brutally evil man with his own dark agenda he is determined to capture them dead or alive. The bond of the alliance will be tested severely when Kostas discovers that Johann played a part in the Kalavryta massacre.


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