Our Philosophy

TerraMagma Pictures is a film production company with a clear vision and strategy committed to being at the forefront of the new technology revolution in entertainment. Our business philosophy is bold encompassing with unfettered ambition all new outlets and distribution platforms available for original content.


The landscape of entertainment is changing fast driven by the advent of technology and rapidly shifting consumer preferences and tastes. The fragmented ecosystem of old where the main content markets (e.g. Film/TV) were self-contained has given way to a unified whole where cross-pollination of properties is becoming the new norm and a single project can encompass a variety of mediums from books/comic books to film, TV, MCN's and console games. Much like the global economic landscape, the future of entertainment looks like a domain of no bounds in both creativity and distribution. 


TerraMagma Pictures employs a proprietary business model in all aspects of filmmaking from financing to acquisition of properties, talent, production and distribution and is well placed to ride the new revolution wave and establish itself as a force to be reckoned with.   

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