Interactive/role playing game. Internet based.


"The Eclipse Protocols" - 'There can only be One'


A novel game with its own unique, dark, alternate universe that escapes the limits of virtual and invades the very dominion of reality. Gamers are called to abandon the secure confines of their on-line avatars and play the game both in real time and in the real world. The stakes couldn't be higher and adrenaline is bound to hit flashing red.



Multi-Channel Networks


"Uber Amazons", three gorgeous, sexy girls in their 20's exploring the Universe of super heroes through a very different and exciting perspective. 


"EXP". It was October 30th 1938 when Orson Welles broadcasted his "War of the Worlds" and sent the listening crowds into a swirl of panic. The message was later proved to be nothing more than a well calibrated joke, a mere hoax but the implications were clear. The open airwaves were a pathway to disseminating information, a way to get a warning out when all other mediums were destroyed or compromised. It was the birth of something unique and its legacy is not remotely over. It happened before and it will happen again but this time around will it be only an innocuous gammon or something far more urgent and life threatening?


"The Kiss", an original concept with a strong international appeal pursued in association with top L.A. based production companies and PR agencies. A number of global consumer brands are being currently considered as possible sponsors/partners. 

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