"Tears in the Snow"

"Tears in the Snow" is a powerful, character driven drama that chronicles a unique event in the history of WW2, the Greek Jewish orchestrated rebellion at Auschwitz in the spring of 1943.


The story begins in London's Hyde Park with a seemingly chance encounter between Dedrick Keller and Dr. Carl Furst which brings to the fore the dark history shared by the two aging men and the bond that once molded their destinies forever. It is "Tears in the Snow", a best selling book authored by New York based Professor Arella Venezia that propels Keller to seek the closure he so needs and the redemption he prays for.


"Tears in the Snow" sheds light to the vibrant Sephardi community of Thessaloniki (Greece) prior to WW2 as well as the horrible events that led to its demise in the hands of the Nazis and the horrid concentration camps. The rebellion at Auschwitz led by members of that same community was the only one ever recorded and stands a towering citadel to unyielding defiance, unwavering bravery and true sacrifice against the brutal, murderous Nazi machine.

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