"The Carpathian"


"The Carpathian", a group of USC film school students find the diary of Augustus Konig, a famed, 1920's post expressionist German director, long believed vanished along with cast and crew while filming an avant garde horror film in the Carpathian mountains. The diary, discovered amidst the records of a recently deceased Hollywood producer bequeathed to the University, describes in vivid detail a descent into madness and the occult. The producer, abruptly turned a reclusive madman in the late 80's had left strict instructions as to the diary's destruction but due to a clerical error both the leather bound journal and the half finished reel of Konig's film escaped the safety of the flames. The five students decide to follow the dark trail of Augustus Konig's journey and solve the spine-chilling mystery behind the great director's disappearance.  


"The Carpathian", is a blood curdling horror film in the great tradition of the genre, alternating between past and present it is bursting with "trademark" moments and gruesome, stunning twists all leading to an explosive conclusion. 


To be shot on location at Peonari Castle, Romania.

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